"I liked all the pieces on the CD and of course the playing is excellent, really polished and first-rate."
Jim Gillespie


"The Enthusiasm and talent of the performers ensure the consistency of a varied program. Speech is always clear, energetic and subtle. It is from an exemplary refinement."
Jean-Louis René


"I was extremely impressed by the high standard of playing and also the quality of the recording. All the pieces have been superbly composed and are brilliantly performed. It is the best recording of a clarinet quartet I have ever heard! Articulation, dynamics, intonation and ensemble playing throughout the group are impeccable at all times. This CD is a definite ‘must-have’ not just for those with an interest in clarinet quartet playing, but also for anyone who enjoys listening to music performed at the highest level by a world-class ensemble."
James Rae


"The Quartet's performance of Quarantoli is wonderful. They have put so much more into the interpretation than I wrote. It is by far the best recording of the work I have ever heard. I am especially impressed by the clarity of your articulation; a factor which is often lacking in clarinet ensembles!"
Paul Harvey


"It was a pleasure to work with the Quarteto Vintage and participate in this project recording of the quintet by Luís Tinoco - the composer transcribed it specially for us and for this particular disk. The quartet is formed by four young professionals Portuguese musician with excellent technical and musical level, full of enthusiasm, energy, fresh ideas and, above all, a huge passion for Music. They do all with the utmost seriousness and dedication. I recommend the work of the Quarteto Vintage, without any reservation.."
Pedro Carneiro


"In «ClarinetFest 2010» Clarinet Quartests occupied a prominent space on some opf the concerts, and their performances were always enjoyable.Of particualr notes was the fantastic performance by the Quarteto Vinatge whose immensely interesting and well-played program included a set of works in popular Portuguese style, including singer, guitar and drum. If you haven´t heard this fabulously talented group look them up on Youtube and other internet sites."
Magazine «The clarinet»