The Vintage Quartet is composed of Iva Barbosa, João Moreira, José Eduardo Gomes and Ricardo Alves, Who are some of the most successfully musicians in an important generation of Portuguese clarinetists.

The members of the quartet have made solid professional careers and have already been prize-winners in many national and international competitions in Portugal, Romania, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain and USA.

After almost one decade of existence, this ensemble has constructed an extensive repertoire ranging from ancient, baroque, and classical, to popular and contemporary music.

Exploring the idiomatic possibilities of the instrument, Vintage Quartet uses many types of clarinets, such as the Bb clarinet, Eb clarinet, basset horn and bass clarinet. The interpretation of pieces with percussion accompaniment is a result of searching for new colours and sounds – the percussionists Luís Oliveira and Luís Neiva usually collaborate with the quartet.

Among many other concerts, there have been important appearances in the following festivals: "Noites de Massarelos", "Festival Internacional de Música para Jovens de Gaia", "Festival Foz do Cávado" (Esposende), "Clarinetfest 2005" (Tama-Tokyo), "Festival do Palácio da Bolsa 2006", "Encontros Internacionais de Música de Guimarães", "ClarinetFest 2007" (Vancouver), "Dias da Música em Belém 2008", "EURORADIO 2008" e "European Festival for Clarinet Ensembles 2008" (Gent-Belguim).

The Vintage Quartet gives particular importance to sound experimentation, to creation of new works and collaboration with composers. The works "Ostinando" by Bruno Ribeiro, "Fado a Quatro" and "Tributo a Zeca" by Vítor de Faria have been dedicated to them.

The quartet is now releasing its first CD, with the special participation of the percussionist Pedro Carneiro, playing "Short Cuts (d)" by Luís Tinoco. An adaptation of this piece was made by the composer especially for the Vintage Quartet, for clarinet quartet, marimba and vibrafone.

Above all, the Vintage Quartet aims to create a new sonority, capable of providing real moments of music.